Rachael Cliffe Graphic Design.

I am a 25 year old hands on graphic artist & designer, type enthusiast & print addict,
with a passion for collaboration & a need to make publications, zines, prints, cards & all sorts of printed ephemera.
An overall creative being.

I like to make pieces of work that don't need explaining, just the fact that a person likes it, is all the explanation that I need.

-Currently based in the North West.

I feel that collaboration is an inevitable & necessary part of design,
so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you feel the same.

Twitter: @Rachael_Cliffe
Instagram: @rachaellou_

Off the rails.x

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I’m having a bit of a hard time recently & my mum thinks i’ve gone slightly ‘off the rails’ as she puts it.
I went on a bit of a tattoo/piercing bender a few weeks ago, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, but I did get one that’s really special to me…

I wanted to symbolise the fact I’ve just quit my job, with nothing lined up to persue my design dream…
So I drew up some type, in a phrase & took it to a local tattoo shop.

My mum hates it, but I love it.


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Little print shop.x

There’s this lush print shop in Liverpool, just behind the Bluecoat
called Nook & Cranny…
It’s my print shop dream to have work sold in here/have a shop myself like this in the future…

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Letterpress at The Bluecoat, Liverpool.

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Letterpress at The Bluecoat Liverpool.x

I follow the Bluecoat, Liverpool’s creative & printing hub, on twitter & I am a member of the printing facilities there, I regularly use the screen print beds to create new work.

They have screen print facilities, etching & litho facilities.
& they now have their own letterpress facilities too! Which I’m really excited about using. They’ve set up their own collective, called “Juniper Press”

I went down to the open day the other week to have a gander…

It’s cost me £30 to join up to use the facilities! They haven’t got a huuuuge selection of woodblock type, but it’s really going to be great to be around letterpress again.

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Manchester Print Fair at MadLab 12/4/14

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Inprint print fair at Hause. 16/3/14

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Apologies & more print fairs.x

Once again I’ve been ignoring my tumblr page which I apologise for…
Things in my life have not been going great the last few months, things have been a bit of a mess
in my personal & work life.
But in an attempt to get myself back on track I’ve quit my job in order to persue my design dream full time…
So I will be posting a lot more often from now on…

The last few weeks I’ve attended 2 print fairs…

The first was in Liverpool at Haus in the Baltic Quarter held by the lovely Inprint ladies once again.

For some reason this print fair didn’t go well at all for myself. I was so disheartened at the end of the day from it.
However I did meet a really lovely print maker- Alex Young who specialises in Lino cuts.

twitter- @alex__prints 

Then the weekend just gone I went to The Manchester Print Fair held in the Norther Quarter at MadLab on Edge Street.

I had such a great day!
It was great to interact with a different group of printmakers & designers. Also the vibe in Manchester just seems really different to liverpool, more creative & cultural. It seemed the crowd were more willing to give my design the time of day.

I haven’t got any more print fairs coming up as of yet…
but watch this space!!!

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hanleighlife asked: No question. Just wanted to say awesome work and your commitment to your passion for design is fantastic! Continue to chase your dream!


Awh thank you so much!
I’ve just quit my day job to persue my design career & I’m so nervous!
Thank you for your lovely words!

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New work.x

Just a few pics of some new things I have been working on…

Letterpressed sketchbooks to sell at print fairs, A5 & A6.

Simple lino cut card design with added hand drawn detail in pen.

Hand drawn boys birthday card. (for my brother)

New lino prints, border outline & Oh Hi.

Thank You & Happy Birthday.
I created this lino print border as a starting point for any card, then I can hand draw in type to fit the occasion.


This way I get to combine my love of printing & my love to draw type.
Not a computer in sight!

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New equipment.x

I’ve got a right little studio on the go at home, with lots of new facilities, papers & paints which make me so happy.

Got myself a second hand screen from ebay for only £9 which is in great condition.
I’ve bought this so I can get myself into the Bluecoat Print Studios based in Liverpool city centre. They have amazing screenprint & etching/litho facilities there, it’s only £14 a session but you have to have your own materials, which is fair enough!

I can’t wait to get started in there!

Also I’ve bought my own lino tools & lino ready to make new work!

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Print Fairs.x

Over the last few months I have attended 2 print fairs.


This fair unfortunately wasn’t very successful due to the horrendous weather that day
& despite selling something, I only just covered the cost of my table.
HOWEVER I met the nicest lady ever, Karen Edwards who runs The Red Button Press in Liverpool, a seasoned letterpress-lady who is so enthusiastic about the process it was so lovely to be around her all day.

The next fair I did was so much more sucessfull…


It was at the Camp & Furnace in Liverpool with other local artists, printamakers & illustrators along with 20 odd German students from Dessau, some of their work was so lovely!
I had a great day, saw a lot of familiar faces & sold quite a bit!


This was my stall for the day!


A look at the fair…

I picked up loads of business cards that day too, it’s a really good place to meet other artists & printmakers, good for making new friends & contacts.


I also picked up these treats for a gift for a friend too my some of the other artists there at the fair. A lovely little lino cut card, a European based screenprinted calender & a letterpressed print.


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My print production line.x

I always intended to start going to print fairs to sell my work, I’ve been to a few before,
just as a customer & I always loved how professional the sellers would package their
designs & add little personalized touches to them. 
So I knew when I needed to package my prints up I’d do the same.
I spent quite a bit on cellophane wrapping & envelopes & it took me an absolute age of
none stop packing to get all of my work sorted.
I backed each print with a support board, added a small contact sheet & sealed with a
customized sticker.


I also put some of my more favourite prints in frames to sell.

But after a grueling week I finally had all of my current work ready to sell.

I bought a card stand to take to fairs to put my prints on too…

I was pretty much ready to go for any print fair!

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